About Us

Community Driven


Triomph Fitness, Health, & Wellness is a gym located in Brooklyn, New York.
We  have personal, semi - private, and group training 7 days a week.

Our programs use movements that are similar to those you use every day, making them not only safe, but highly effective.

You’ll do things like body weight training, running, and calisthenics.
You’ll learn strength training to  become stronger, build lean muscle, and burn fat.

You’ll jump, squat, run, lunge, row, push and pull.  You’ll flip a tire. Slam a ball. Do some jump rope and core specific work.

When you  combine all of these functional movements with high levels of intensity
(which you’ll learn how to do gradually and safely), you get results! 

We keep our programs varied so that every time you come to one on one or group trainings, you’re doing something very different from your last session. 

We know that you don’t have the time to commit endless hours of your week to exercise.
With our emphasis on intensity, you’ll reach your goals by showing up (and working hard!) three or four times per week— that’s it!